Our members, while sharing an interest in their family history, may have specific interests.  In that spirit we offer three Special Interest Groups or "SIGS".  

Writers' Workshop - A very active group that meets once a month, for six sessions, learning how to write their family history. Under the gentle guidance of Paul Lamar the group (limited to 20 per session) encourages, challenges, and provides a safe space to improve their writing skills.

This SIG requires an additional fee and is only open to members of CDGS.

French/French Canadian research - This is a new group, not yet meeting, looking for people who need help or those who can suggest help for French or French Canadian research. If you are interested please let us know at contactcdgs@cdgsny.org.

This SIG is free. It is yet to be decided if the group will be open or limited to members of CDGS.

Jewish Genealogy -  Jewish Genealogy - Co-Chaired by David Barnet and Susan Kugler, this SIG is an informal opportunity to gather with people who share an interest in Jewish genealogy. Our meetings will offer a venue to share genealogical resources and tips for doing Jewish genealogy, and help to those with research challenges. We also will use our meetings to generate ideas for future CDGS programs and projects that the SIG might undertake.