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CDGS Opportunities

We are always looking for people to be more personally involved in CDGS. Board of Governors positions are voting positions. Committee positions are non-voting positions, but committee members are always invited to participate in Board of Governors discussions. 

Officers have specific duties assigned to them, Trustees do not have specific duties but are expected to contribute to discussions (all we ask is that they have an enthusiasm for genealogy). 

Your input is valued!  We are all regular people who enjoy working with genealogy.

 If you are interest in any of these positions please email us at: or

Recording Secretary (Officer)

This is a Board of Governors position. Term of office is two years with a maximum of two terms. Duties include:

Taking notes at the Board and General Meetings.  Board meetings are recorded and the recording will be made available to the Recording Secretary to help produce accurate minutes. 

Write the minutes and note any additions or corrections for the next month's agenda (Agenda will be provided by the President of CDGS). Distribute the notes to the Board of Governors.

Produce a list of the Officers, Trustees and Committee Chairs with their email addresses and telephone numbers for distribution to the Board of Governors in January.


This is a Board of Governors position. Term of office is three years with a maximum of two terms.  We are looking for Trustees who have an interest and enthusiasm for genealogy. No Board experience is necessary. 

Program Committee

Promote program development.

Assist in making contact with potential speakers and arranging presentations. Right now the presentations are via Zoom only, but in the future we anticipate a hybrid of in-person meetings with Zoom included.

Hospitality Committee

When we return to an in-person component of our meetings we will need people to :

Meet and greet people at the door.

Coordinate refreshments.

NYS Library

Volunteers Needed for Genealogy Desk at the New York State Library.
CDGS maintains a desk at the New York State Library where we assist library patrons with their research.

Training is provided by the library staff and by our own volunteers. Volunteers generally work one or two days a month on a flexible schedule. Parking is provided.

If you enjoy working with people, are proficient in researching, and would like to learn more about the 
resources available at the State Library, this could be an opportunity for you.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, email Terri Moran at

Other Opportunities

How Can You Help?

The 1950 Census wants YOU!

Specifically they want your help to make the transcribed Census data more accurate. Both the National Archives and the combined efforts of Family Search and Ancestry have projects that let you correct the current data.  You can do it at home, in your pajamas - no judging.  So what are you waiting for?