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How To's are short 3 - 4 minute video clips showing how to navigate and use your CDGS account.

There are three groups that will interact with CDGS.

Non-members - new to CDGS

Non-Members - with an account. This is those non-members who have previously attended a CDGS presentation or have already created an account.

 Members of CDGS

If you are a member or have ever registered for a presentation you already have an account and need only create your login credentials. If you are not a member you must create a free account to register for our Zoom presentations.You MUST have a free account to do most anything in CDGS. Your account lets you register for events like our monthly meetings, join CDGS, Renew your membership, enter our "Members Only" area, change your email address, etc.

To learn how to do all the above, click on the how to buttons below to watch short videos explaining what you need to do.

Anyone "new" to CDGS needs to start here:

Non-Members with an account

Members of CDGS

Is this how you feel when you try to login, register for an event, change your address or email, etc. 

We get it, it can seem complicated! Watch our short videos to learn how to do those things the quick and easy way creating or using your CDGS account.