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August 27, 2022

An Introduction to Gravestone Conservation

Christopher White

This presentation will be recorded and available in our "Members Only" section. 

Genealogist and Gravestone Conservator, Christopher White, will take us on a journey into old and neglected local cemeteries where time has taken its toll on nineteenth century gravestones. Gravestones can be the last and only vestige of a person’s life. Conservation of the artifacts can be extremely rewarding to all involved. Through a series of photographs White will present the process of gravestone conservation, maintenance, and restoration on both small and large gravestones.

Born, raised, and educated in Albany; now residing in the suburbs with his family.  Since 1991 I work full time in the electric utility industry. In 1996 I returned to college at SUNY Albany and began studies for an undergraduate Bachelors in History and later graduated with a Masters in history in 2005. In 2021 I earned a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University.

Always interested in history; especially my own family history and genealogy. I began tracing my family tree in 1980 as a middle school social studies project and continued until 1996 when I returned to college and my research then became sporadic until 2011 when I returned in full force to genealogy.

Presently I am enrolled the ProGen Study group and I intend to work towards becoming a certified genealogist (CG). Other historical interests include graveyard conservation and rehab; local and New York State history; and old homes and architecture.

September 24, 2022

Approaches To Writing Your Family History

Paul LaMar

This presentation will be recorded and available in our "Members Only" section. 

Members of the CDGS Write Your Family History group have been working with writing coach Paul Lamar to craft compellling stories from their family history research. As genealogists, we know that the real interest in doing our digging is to make our ancestors come alive - to put meat on the bones of a skeletal chart. Paul will moderate a program featuring some of the writers in the group sharing a selection of their best stories. Come hear tales of fascinating people and be inspirted to join us and write some of your own.

An alumnus of Yale and Harvard, Paul Lamar is a retired college English professor. He has also taught continuing education classes in poetry, playreading, flash fiction (1,000 works or less), and memoir writing. He is a published author and poet. He also writes music and theater reviews, and has helped people earn their High School Equivalency Diploma.

October 22, 2022

Up The Hudson: Tracing Our Ancestors from NYC to Canada on the Erie and Champlain Canals.

Pamela Vittorio

The creation of the NYS Canal system in 1825 made many things possible--from moving people and cargo, to transporting language, religion, and ideas. Beyond the census, finding ancestors who did business alongside the canals, owned boats, or worked as laborers may seem like a challenging task. Find out how to trace their most likely routes and pathways from Albany to Buffalo, from New York City, up the Hudson River, the Champlain Canal to Canada, and how the canal families traveled, and where they were likely to stop en route to Buffalo. Learn about the types of records you should look at, where to find the records, and how to analyze them (from 1817 to 1918).

An Historian and Professional Genealogist at "Finding Their Routes" Pamela Vittorio 

November 19, 2022

Introduction to Irish Internet Sites

David Rencher

This presentation will be recorded and available in our "Members Only" section.

David is a leading international expert specialising in Ireland and England.

He was Accredited in Ireland genealogical research in 1981, Certified Genealogist in 2006. BA, Family and Local History, Brigham Young University, 1980.

Fellow, Utah Genealogical Association; Fellow, Irish Genealogical Research Society – London; Lecturer, Course Coordinator (Ireland), Samford University’s IGHR; Past-President, FGS, 1997-2001.

Author of a series of articles in The Septs on Irish Genealogical Collections; currently Chief Genealogical Officer for FamilySearch at the Family History Department of the LDS Church.

Past-President of Utah Genealogical Association.