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ESP Station


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How to Use our login system:

1. Login

2. after you log in you will see a welcome screen and on the right is a drop-down menu. It is really one line that says something like "what do you want to do" with small up and down arrows.

3. Click on the arrows and the one line becomes a drop-down menu with some choices.

      Update my profile - this is where you can change your address or email or personal info.

      Upcoming eventsTHIS IS WHERE YOU REGISTER FOR EVENTS!! You will see a list of our upcoming events like our monthly meeting, September conference, and October “Writing Your Family History” group. There is a little black box next to each event, you click on that box to register for that event. This takes you to a form where you input some information and choose a pay option (credit card, PayPal, Pay Later e.g. write a check and send it in the mail). Don’t forget to click submit. Because you are logged in the system should recognize automatically if you are a member or not, but if there is a choice that mentions member or a box to check that says member please make that choice and check that box.

      Setup my login - I know you are thinking, but I already logged in don’t make me figure this out again!!! This is where you can change your login information, like your password.

      My Membership - THIS IS WHERE YOU RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP!! This screen shows past, current, and future (if you have already renewed). If you do not have a membership listed for 2022 in Membership History (yeah I know, it makes no sense to put future memberships in the History category, yet there it is) Next to your current membership (for 2021) are green letters that say Renew Now, click on those choose a membership year to renew for and choose your payment options (Credit Card, PayPal, or Pay Later - which means you will send us a check in the mail). Submit and you should be good to go.

      My Registered Events - this is a list of all the events past and future that you have successfully registered for. If you are not sure if you are registered, you can check here before you register again.

      Manage my addresses - this is where you can change the address where we send our newsletter to you. (We have snowbirds with two part-time homes - they use this to have the newsletter sent to the correct address depending on the time of year. If you relocate you can change your address here or in your profile.

Re-subscribe email - every email you get from us has an option on the bottom to opt out of future emails. If you opt out his is where you can change your mind and get emails again.

      Enter members only area - this is where you will find all kinds of great stuff, past zoom presentations and their coordinating handouts, genealogy research tips by country, war time records, vital records resources, copies of our newsletters 2017 - 2021, etc. - Only members get access to see this stuff.

      Login home – brings you back to login.

      Logout - to leave the system.