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We provide additional information to members in good standing (meaning you have paid your membership dues for the year). Extra content includes some meeting handouts from our speakers and our internet research group, also our Surname file (a work in progress). There are also videos of our Zoom meeting presentations.

To access Members Only information you MUST Sign Up first! You are being asked to sign up for access to the members only section, not for membership in the society (you can do that on the Membership page). You will be asked for your name, email, and to create a password you will use to sign in to the members only page. We check our records and if your dues are paid you will be sent an approval by e-mail. Please be aware that passwords are case sensitive.

Please remember to log-out when you leave. Log out is located on the Members Only page.

Contents of the "Members Only" pages of the Capital District Genealogical Society are for the onsite use of our registered members. Any copying, sharing, photographing, embedding, or otherwise duplication is prohibited. In addition no recordings, screen recordings, screenshots or audio/video captures of any kind of the speaker presentation videos is permitted without the express permission of our presenters and/or the Board of Governors of the Capital District Genealogical Society. Signing up for and/or Logging into the Members Only area signifies your agreement with this policy.