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Please consider donating to CDGS. All donated funds will be used to subsidize the cost of our monthly and special event presentations. 

Newsletter Email

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Are You Moving?
If you are changing your address either temporarily or permanently please make sure you log in to your account and change your address there (update my profile in the drop down menu on the right. We send our emails and newsletters to the information we have on file for you, so if it changes you must put those changes in the system. Our newsletter, sent by bulk mail, will not be forwarded by the US Postal Service, so if your address changes you will not get the newsletters unless you submit your new address.

Special Interest Group:  Writing Your Family History

Have you wanted to share your genealogical research with family members? Have you wanted to be able to write up your favorite histories in such a way that your family members will actually want to read them? Are you planning to publish your family history? Would you like to write an article about your research for the CDGS newsletter?

CDGS is hosting a writers' group with coach Paul Lamar. Once a month for 5 months, Paul will meet with the group and provide prompts and guidance for getting your story written. What is a good opening sentence that will draw the reader in? Does your story track clearly? Do you need to provide more information to make it understandable and interesting to others? Participants will share their work with Paul and with each other.

This is for members of CDGS only, you can register for the October 16th session (10:30 am - noon) through your member portal (Sign In/ Sign Up). There is a limit of 20 participants.  Registration is now closed. 

More information is available on the Meetings & Events page.

Volunteer Opportunities

Recording Secretary - This is a Board of Governors position. Term of office is two years with a maximum of two terms. Duties include:

Taking notes at the Board and General Meetings. 

Write the minutes and note any additions or corrections for the next month's agenda (Agenda will be provided by the President of CDGS). Distribute the notes to the Board of Governors.

Produce a list of the Officers, Trustees and Committee Chairs with their email addresses and telephone numbers for distribution to the Board of Governors in January. 

Program Committee

Promote program development and assist in making contact with potential speakers and arranging presentations. Right now the presentations are via Zoom only, but in the future we anticipate in-person meetings with Zoom included.

Registration for the October Mtg. closes on Thursday, 10/21 @ 11:55pm.