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Effective 7/1/21we are offering a discount on any new membership covering the remaining months of 2021. A discount of $6.00 will bring membership for the last few months of this year to $9.00

It will soon be time to send in your renewal for 2022! Our August newsletter will have details. You can renew from this website in the Membership tab to access your account. You can use your credit card, PayPal or check.  

Effective 2022 our dues will increase to $25.00 ($26.00 if you renew online using PayPal or credit card)

Please do not send dues of $15/$16 past the 2021 year, your funds will be returned to you as an incorrect amount. 

Your membership dues allows us to continue our programs with excellent speakers and to provide members with a quarterly newsletter. Please renew your membership soon!

We are excited to bring you our meetings, including speaker presentations, live, on Zoom.

You can get a free Zoom account at Zoom.com.

Speakers generally present for about an hour preceded by some announcements and “taking care of business” which generally lasts 10 – 15 minutes. Members of CDGS always get first chance at registering for the meetings, but there is usually some room left over so on the 16th of the month we open to allow non-members to register for the meeting. When the Colonie Town Library re-opens for meetings we will post in-person meeting information.

We have some great presentations coming up……. Take a look at the Meetings & Events tab for more information. But here is a sneak peek at some upcoming topics:

  • The Legacy of Kate Mullaney - 8/28/21
  • Using Fulton History Website - 10/23/21
  • Don't Forget the Ladies: A Genealogist's Guide to Women and the Law by Judy Russell, the "Legal Genealogist" - 11/20/20.

  Join us September 25, 2021 as the Capital District genealogical Society celebrates its 40th Anniversary with a special event in place of our monthly meeting. The Society will hold its first virtual Conference! Set your day aside to join us at what promises to be a fun educational day.   

Interested in DNA? Have you received a genealogy DNA kit and want to understand what it means? How can you make the best use of those matches? We’re offering two sessions by Fred Voss who will help us by sharing some case studies and techniques.

Are you looking to take that first step into the genealogy world? Have so many challenges and sorting of surnames tangling your efforts? Let Tom Jones share his knowledge as only he can. Perhaps you’re an avid genealogist who wants to publish your own family history. Did you uncover a “sensitive” piece of history and struggle with how to present if you do? Tom will also provide a talk about dealing with those “sensitive” findings.

Have you ever wished that someone could come to your meeting to look at your pictures and tell you when, where??? That can happen! If you’ve watched Antiques Roadshow, then you know how this works. It’s a virtual show and tell. This is a totally interactive event in which members of CDGS submit photos ahead of time and then meet virtually with Maureen Taylor  "The Photo Detective" to learn about the specific clues uncovered in the photos. The roadshow format is basically a group live consult via internet connection. Details for submitting a photograph will be posted to the CDGS Conference website. Only fifteen (15) photos will be selected (by the speaker). The participation cost is $15, separate and in addition to, your Conference registration fee. This is a "MEMBERS ONLY” offer to submit photos and participate, however, all Conference attendees will be able to attend the session.

Note that there will be no recording of presentations.

Registration for early bird ’til 8/15/21:

Members: $25          Non-Members $30

Registration 8/16-9/22/21:

Members: $35          Non Members: $40

More Information is available on the Conference  page.

Town of Colonie Library is Closed To Meetings  and In-Person Events. Until Further Notice our meetings will be held via Zoom.

Newsletter Email

We have created an email account for newsletter submissions and questions. Please send articles to

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If you are changing your address either temporarily or permanently please make sure you log in to your account and change your address there (update my profile in the drop down menu on the right. We send our emails and newsletters to the information we have on file for you, so if it changes you must put those changes in the system. Our newsletter, sent by bulk mail, will not be forwarded by the US Postal Service, so if your address changes you will not get the newsletters unless you submit your new address.

Welcome to our new

sign in / sign up system

Big News !!!!!      CDGS will be using a system that lets you have more control over your information and choices.  

If you are already a member of CDGS you already have an account in the new system and you only have to give yourself a username and password to sign in and access the ability to

  • change your profile (address/email, etc.),
  • to register for events like our Zoom meetings and our September 40th Anniversary Conference.
  • You can also renew your membership using a credit card, PayPal, or even send us a check separately.  
  • All members will now have the ability to access our "members only" portal with exclusive information and videos if they are logged-in.

If you are not a member of CDGS but have ever registered for one of our Zoom presentations you are considered a Guest and already have an account.  You simply do not have membership perks. You too only have to give yourself a username and password to sign in and access the ability to change your profile (address/email, etc.) to register for future events like our Zoom meetings and our September 40th Anniversary Conference using a credit card, PayPal, or even send us a check separately.  You will not have access to our "members only" portal. You will be able to join CDGS from the portal if you choose to.

If you are not a member or a Guest of CDGS you are designated a non-member and will be able to  create a free account. Once your account is created you can join CDGS or register for an event.   You don't have to join CDGS to register for an event, but you must have a free account. 

Special Interest Group:  Writing Your Family History

Have you wanted to share your genealogical research with family members? Have you wanted to be able to write up your favorite histories in such a way that your family members will actually want to read them? Are you planning to publish your family history? Would you like to write an article about your research for the CDGS newsletter?

CDGS is hosting a writers' group with coach Paul Lamar. Once a month for 5 months, Paul will meet with the group and provide prompts and guidance for getting your story written. What is a good opening sentence that will draw the reader in? Does your story track clearly? Do you need to provide more information to make it understandable and interesting to others? Participants will share their work with Paul and with each other.

The first session is free, if you want to sign up for subsequent sessions there will be a fee (to be worked out with our teacher based on number of participants.  This is for members of CDGS only, you can register for the October 16th session (10:30 am - noon) through your member portal (Sign In/ Sign Up).

More information is available on the Meetings & Events page.

Members can now log in to their accounts and register for the August presentation.  In the drop down menu "what would you like to do" click on Upcoming Events