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Calendar of Upcoming Genealogy Related Events

Some events are sponsored by CDGS and are so identified. Other events are sponsored by other organizations. (Click on the Calendar Image)

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March 23, 2024 - 1pm
Diana Elder
Pedigree Triangulation: A Key
Methodology for Genetic Genealogy

It's 2024 and we have a great lineup of programs lined up. Go to the Meetings tab to learn about this year's presentations.

One of our CDGS members, Susan Kugler, will be facilitating a program at the Jewish Community Center, Albany, NY. She will be talking about her family who moved throughout history and ended up in Albany, NY.

Special Interest Groups

Everyone who is interested in family history is not necessarily interested in the same subject area or skillset. With that in mind CDGS sponsors three Special Interest Groups. Opportunities for members to delve into their family history in a smaller group setting. 

  • Writers' Workshop - led by retired English Professor Paul Lamar. Participants refine how to express their thoughts and research in a written format. There is a $35 surcharge for participation in this group.
  • French/French Canadian Research - This is a newly forming group who will share sources, tips, tricks, etc. to improve reseach of their French or French Canadian ancestors. There is no charge for paricipation in this group.
  • Jewish Genealogy - This is a newly forming group who will focus on finding those elusive Jewish ancestors. There may also be opportunities to volunteer in Jewish Cemetery clean up. There is no charge for participation in this group.

If you are interested in any of these groups email

Interested in Jewish Genealogy?

Following the dissolution of the Capital Region Jewish Genealogical Society (an affiliate of IAJGS), the CDGS now hosts a Special Interest Group for those from the Capital District interested in Jewish genealogy. Later this spring, we will host an informal gathering for those who express interest. We hope to find out what you would like to learn, how we can help you with your research or just meet together to share your thoughts.

If you checked off this interest when you renewed your CDGS membership we will contact you with the details of our meeting. If you hadn’t yet checked this box, please write to now, with the subject line “Jewish Interest”.

We are hoping to reach a broader group of interested members than had been possible through the former organization and look forward to meeting you.